I believe in normalizing working smarter, not harder in your beauty biz!

I also believe in utilizing all the tools in your toolbox! Why sacrifice time, when you can work faster, smarter, with quality, and efficiently, if you just had the right tricks up your sleeve? 

  • Make more money in your lash business
  • No need to sacrifice quality!
  • See more clients in a day!

Meet Your Coach

Hi Beauty Bosses!

My name is Bryce Sechler and I am the CEO and founder of Un-Stripped Lash + Brow Bar and Un-Stripped Academy. I specialize in all things lashes, and am the founder of the Un-Stripped Method. I will be your instructor for all courses offered and a forever support and guide for your beauty boss journey!

I have been in the lashing industry since 2016 and have performed countless lash services, trained multiple artists, and have built my own 6-figure+ beauty business from nothing!

Why am I that person for you? Because I've been through it all!

Whether you're new to the industry, an existing artist but feeling stuck or lost, or are ready to take your business to the next level, I want to help you get there!

Online Skill Courses

Un-Stripped Method Live
Join me live in a 1:1 2 hour, interactive masterclass where we take your lash sets to the next level and cut your fan making times by half!
Un-Stripped MethodĀ Self Paced
Learn all the secrets behind speed fanning and the EXCLUSIVE, self made Un-Stripped Fanning method in a self paced online course! Go from 3 hour volume sets to only 1.5 hours, with clean work you can be proud of!
Un-Stripped Speed Fanning:
Learn all the in’s and out’s behind volume lashing, from everything theory, application, and more! With focus on my self taught Un-Stripped Method!
Beginners Classic Lashing:
The best investment you can make in yourself! It's time to quit that 9-5 and become the beauty boss you always knew you could be. Learn all the basics and bonus hacks behind lashing!

Kara Galindo

It was really helpful to touch base on some of the new techniques in the industry. Bryce was extremely knowledgeable about teaching me new things, and things she learned in her career. I loved the one on one training, so she could correct my bad habits I've formed. It was one of the best decisions I've made!

Alicia Zuniga

As someone who started lashing earlier in the year of 2022, I found a lot of the techniques taught to me felt out dated and confusing. Thanks to Un-Stripped Academy and Bryce, I was able to speed up my lashing and make a fan within seconds! Bryce is an amazing instructor and I can't go back to any other fanning method now!

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